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What do you need to electrify a house for 24 hours ?


During the summer 2012 Francophone Meetings, I was asked : “What do you need to electrify a house for 24 hours ?

After a few personal research, here is the answer I gave that day.


Hello Eliphas.

During the summer 2012 Francophone Meetings, you asked me what would it need to electrify a house for 24 hours ?

If you have 4 x 12V batteries, each with a capacity of 100 Ah, then it’s possible.

(connected in series = 48V x 100 Ah = 4800 watts for a discharge  <50%).

1 x AGM 12V x 100 Ah buy Xenical online battery = 270 euros

So for a house, it makes 270 euros x 4 = 1080 euros

Another trick, 2 x 12V 200Ah batteries (which gives 4800 watts in the end too).

Order Disulfiram 1 x AGM 12V x 200 Ah battery = 480 euros cheap Valtrex

So for a house, it makes 480 euros x 2 = 960 euros

Last trick, take 3 x AGM 6V x 240 Ah batteries, they cost 280 euros each. It then makes 840 euros for 4320 watts of storage…

Only catch, you need to add a pure sine (sinusoïdal) wave convertor to get an output of 220V. And it costs 800 euros to connect 1500 watts on it.

(possibility to find at half price on Ebay)




What do you think ?

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Guillaume, member of The Transition Project France

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Conference on plasma generators

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