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[Experiment 3] Carrot electric generator


Here is a carrot electric generator that I assembled with a carrot cut in 3 :

Générateur électrique à carottes, photo 1

I obtained 2.54 V.

buy cheap Tadalafil Where to buy Xenical Générateur électrique à carottes, photo 2

Above, a picture with a bigger zoom.

Générateur électrique à carottes, photo 3 Colchicine without prescription

The intensity obtained is 310 µA but decreases rapidly around 130-150 µA.


Guillaume, Experiment coordinator carrot electric generator

Dismantling of the rhubarb electric generator


Here are the pictures of the dismantling of the rhubarb electric generator. 

Démontage du générateur électrique à rhubarbe Proscar online

Above, a picture of the elements that composed the electric generator (zinc + copper + electrical wire).

Démontage du générateur électrique à rhubarbe, photo 2

The first step consists in removing the electrical wires (picture above).

Démontage du générateur électrique à rhubarbe, photo 3 Straterra online buying

You then put aside the zinc elements (picture above).

And set aside the copper elements (picture below) :

Démontage du générateur électrique à rhubarbe, photo 4

The last step consists in taking a sponge, to water the elements and rub well (put the element un the middle of the sponge, close then pull towards you).

Démontage du générateur électrique à rhubarbe, photo 5

The zinc elements are now cleaned (picture above). There still stays an area a bit black. If someone know how to completely clean the zinc elements, plus leave a comment below.

Order Retin-A Démontage du générateur électrique à rhubarbe, photo 6

Above, the copper elements (much easier to clean).

If yourself are actually working on small electric generators (or even big), please register to The Transition Project to present them on this site (maybe get sponsored).


Guillaume, experiment coordinator Rhubarb electric generator

How to build a small generator

In this video, the people talk about battery. But since the power is 6.50 V and 100 mA, it is more accurate to talk about a generator. Because at a 100 mA, we cannot say it’s a battery. cheap Nolvadex

In fact, in the market, for 15 euros, we can have 4 rechargeable batteries with a capacity if 2,850 mAh each. And one  motocycle/scooter battery for less than 50 euros has 3 Ah. A battery for a PDA or Pocket PC at 9 euros already has  600 mAh.

That’s why I find it more appropriate, in this specific case, to talk about a generator rather than a battery.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.