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The Transition Project France opens a Scoopeo page !


The association “The Transition Project” France has opened a Scoopeo page !

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Best regards.

The Transition Project France

A present for the former members of the RBEHP

[History] August 6, 2012


A present for the former members of the RBEHP, to celebrate the launch of The Transition Project, is being sent for test :

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What is there in the envelope ? What is there in the carton box ?

For now, it is a secret. But if the delivery test is positive, then theformer moderate from the RBEHP will receive this mail…

Results of the test as soon as the post office has done its job (it has been posted today around 4pm France).


The Transition Project

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The Transition Project association opens soon !

[History] July 17th

buy plavix The Transition Project association will soon open it’s doors !

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