List of experiments realized within The Transition Project

  1. 12 Volts rhubarb generator buy topamax
  2. Influence of cold on the germination of quinoa seeds
  3. cheap Baclofen Electric carrot generator
  4. Germinated alfalfa seeds
  5. purchase Prozac

  6. Calculation of the exact proportion exact between water and double tartrate of sodium and potassium
  7. Germinated seeds of mungo bean

If theres is an experiment you would like to realize within The Transition Project, contact us !

Ideas of experiment to realize :

  • Test of soaking quinoa « time indicated on the box / one entire night » + other seeds
  • Test of the water for quinoa « tap water / mineral bottled water / rain water » + other seeds
  • Test of  luminosity for quinoa « in the dark 1-2-3 days / in the light » + other seeds

If you wish to realize one of these experiments, contact us !