Explaining the projects 

Within the Transition Project, there are 2 types of projects:

There are 5 priority projects:

  1. International Grouped Food System (IGFS-SAGI)

  2. International Free Energy System (IFES-SEGI)

  3. International Grouped Residences System (IGRS-SLGI)

  4. International Free Transport System (IFTS-STGI)

  5. International Self-financing System (ISS-SAI)

Generally, the projects having priority are those with international vocation, without discrimination of sex, race or religion. Their goal is to create self-financed systems so that the services become free.

The friendly projects are unlimited. They correspond to the projects of a person, to which other people can come to be grafted. They are presented on the site with a regular rhythm and benefit from a system of donation as well as system of subvention based on the choice of the public.

buy Disulfiram online The Transition Project having also a mission of information, each one can add articles, audios or videos to share information with everybody.

Lastly, The Transition Project proposes a free training to a Resource Based Economy (under way of creation) and its principles which would enable us to live better than in the current system (by having especially much less constraints, sidebacks and issues).

For that, the Transition Project is organized in 6 categories:

  • Electricity/Energy

  • Lodging

  • Food

  • Transport

  • RBE Training (free training to a Resource Based Economy)

There are also the “experiences” which correspond simply to a test (whose result is published on the site).

The projects are rather systems or material things which a person (or a group) wishes to create.

  • List of experiments

  • List of projects

“If only 10% of French people thought about giving 10 euros per month in a pool, they would have more than 65 million euros each month to create free structures for everyone…

Guillaume, RBE consultant, October 2011″