Participating in The Transition Project

Within The Transition Project, there are 2 statutes:

A registered

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is a non-adherent person, registered on the site, and in an informative relationship with the association. You can help on a project if you wish to and post articles, videos or discuss…. You are to some extent a sympathizant person. You can benefit from the association’s surpluses if the situation arises.

Most people use this statute to have an idea of the association before becoming members. There is of course no obligation.

Sildenafil citrate A member

is a person giving a monthly contribution of his choice (10 euros minimum) and who reaches in priority all the rights of the association: training, information, access to the services (food, electricity, …) and the mutual aid network.

With its free contribution, Gastrointestinal the member helps to develop each month concrete alternative structures to give a choice to people and prove that it is possible.

  1. I have a question
  2. I want to be a Registered and stay informed of the projects
  3. I want to be a Member to make the projects reality