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[Food and diet] Introduction to raw food diet

[History] August 4th, 2012


Before reading this article, please read the 2 previous ones :

In this article, we are going to talk about salivation and raw food diet.


Salivation is the impregnation of food by saliva during mastication.

Unknown phenomenon, more than mastication itself, what counts during the transit of food in the mouth is salivation, that’s why it is recommended to chew well our food.

It is advisable to following Gandhi’s say : “Chew your drink and drink your food”.

As a fact, salivation is what we call pre-digestion and represents 1/3 of digestion. If food is well chewed and salived, it will be perfectly absorbed, thus nutritious, without being heavy.

Introduction to live (raw) food and diet.

Our body is built for the food created and available in nature.

There are 2 types of food that you can absorb:

  • Biogenic food (cereals, germinated seeds and young vegetable sprouts) and bioactive food (fruits and vegetables) generating and activating life.
  • Biostatic and biocidic food (stocked, cooked or refined) that slow down and kill life.

When we eat, our body spends a lot of energy to absorb food, primarily to transform proteins and carbohydrates into amino acid, with 8 essential.

Some food contain these 8: quinoa or a mix of rice and lentil for example !

Nutriments of certain types of food like germinated seeds are already in amino acid form, providing the body with its vital needs without using energy during digestion!

During a period of biogenic and bioactive diet, we can regenerate and heal from diseases.

We have to know that on a human biological stand point, cooked food is considered as a foreign entity in our body, thus sending white blood cells (phenomenon called “digestive leucocytosis”).

Eating 51% of live (raw) food prevents this phenomenon and ables absorption of all we eat!

Live (raw) food simply represents a diet that favours largely food with a high rate of nutriments necessary for the human body. To have a high rate of nutriments , as defined these food have to be natural, not transformed, not having any chemical additives, and be easily absorbed by the human body.

What are the kind of food in a live (raw) diet ?

Raw food, organic, germinated seeds, fresh fruit or vegetable juice and young sprout juice like wheat grass juice.

Anyone can add all or parts of these food to their usual diet, according to the goals set.

What and to who does it profit to know about live (raw) food and diet ?

Our western diets are composed of a lot of transformed food and industrial agriculture.

On the one hand, our actual meals do not contain enough nutriments. On the other hand, they make us take in pesticide residues, artificial aromas, colouring and preservatives that we now know have significant consequences on our health.

Following closely a live (raw) diet, at the level chosen by each, is coming back to a diet that is in tune with the original and natural needs of the human body, being so one of the means to preserve and restore health. where to buy Indocin

This diet is destined to all, small and big, healthy or sick.

The Hippocrate center in the USA has been using this diet for more than 50 years in order to restore durably the  health of severly sick people.

Examples of live (raw) food

We call live (raw) food, food favouring life in respect of the needs of the human body, in other words food supplying a sufficient quantity of easy to absorb nutriments for the human biology. 

Since the 1950s, the food and agricultural industries have been offering more and more practical food, attractive and fast to eat but resulting in the end in highly transformed products, with lots of chemical additives (colouring, preservatives, synthetic aromas,..), and therefore very distant from their initial goal given by nature, with as consequence a harmful effect on healh.

Live (raw) food offers on the contrary to consume food that is mainly raw, organic and with vegetal origin.

With this rule, the suggested food will contain very good quality amino acid, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, dietary minerals, oxygen, enzymes and vegetal hormones.

Cooked food are to be avoided as much as possible order Ventolin according to your taste and possibilities, because cooking detroys parts of the vitamins as well as the enzyms that are completely destroyed over 40 degree celcius.

Here is a list of live (raw) food :

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Germinated seeds (lentil, alfalfa, peas, brocoli, …)
  • Oleaginic plants (nuts, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, …)
  • Germinated cereals (wheat, kamut, rye, buckwheat, …)
  • Seaweed
  • Fresh pollen

Personally, I know people that have gone 100% live (raw) food and diet (that is not my case). The idea is mostly to inform on these discoveries that we are talking about, in order for everyone to adapt their diet according to their culture, personal tastes, activities and life objectives.

The Transition Project has the goal to inform, not to tell people what they should do. After reading this information, it is your own to change or not your diet according to your philiosophy and personal thoughts on food and diet in order to take in this address what could improve your life and help reach these philosophical objectives.

Best regards.

Guillaume, Food coordinator for order diflucan The Transition Project

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