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[Experiment 1] 12 Volt rhubarb generator


During the summer 2012 Francophone Meetings, I was able to build a rhubarb generator.

The objective of the experiment was to reach 12 V with 2 leafstalks of rhubarb.

With the first leafstlk, I amost got to 6 V (picture above!)

So I continued to cable the rhubarb pieces in series to increase the voltage.

And there! I got past 6 V !

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On this 3rd picture, we can see that the 11 V have been exceeded !

This is the picture zoomed on the multimeter. It shows  11,30 V !

A week and a day later, the rhubarb has aged well. It has become black.

Here we can see a mould formation.

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Here we can see well the colour transformation from dark pink to black.

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Tension has well decreased. It is now at 2,08 V.

 On the intensity side, we have  145 µA.

As for the electodes, we can immediately notice a strong oxydation to anode (the rode is zinc).

To the question « Is it  possible to create a 12 V rhubarb generator ?« , the answer is yes (and even more).

On the one hand, it doesn’t last a week (contrary to the potato generator, which on it’s side, has the disadvantage to take up more space than the rhubarb generator that has a good ratio tension / space).

On the other hand, rhubarb doesn’t cost much and can almost provide 6 V per leafstalk…


Guillaume, coordinator « experience 12 Volt rhubarb generator »

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